20 Reasons to join

Networking – Chapter members are able to connect with other members and renowned speakers in a variety of ways, such as roundtable discussions, monthly presentations, and one-on-one relationships with peers in the community.

Community Connections – Chapter members get plugged into the local community through chapter-sponsored community events, such as Wellness Fairs. Involved chapter members become well-known with community leaders by serving on committees and volunteering through community-partnership events.

Learning Opportunities – Ranging from informal learning groups to full-scale full-day conferences, local chapters have community-specific educational opportunities that appeal to the needs of community HR practitioners.

Statewide connections – Although the state is pretty big, the chapter leaders connect quite regularly with each other to share best practices and resources. Members benefit from these leveraged connections!

Nationwide connections – SHRM resources are just a phone call away. Have a question? You can always go to SHRM but the power of a local chapter creates “strength in numbers”  when communicating messages or requesting assistance.

Increased engagement – As one member said, “The more involved I am in my profession and community, the more engaged I am in the workplace. My local chapter provides an employee with knowledge, training, and certification credits.  This gives my employer comfort that they have an expert working for them. My chapter offers the opportunity for professional growth and connections.” We couldn’t say it any better!

Relationships – Of COURSE our members connect with other practitioners as resources on a professional level. But you’ll create relationships that go beyond that….you’ll make friendships that can last a lifetime!

Recertification credits – For certified professionals, you can easily get your recerts at accredited chapter meetings, for volunteering, for attending conferences and many other opportunities. Even if you’re not certified, you can be assured that you’ll receive outstanding programming that meets the highest requirements.

Legal updates – Your local chapter will provide you with up-to-date information on pending Federal and Indiana legislation that may impact your company’ operation. You might even get to be involved with an advocacy campaign!

Give back – You’ll have many opportunities to give back to your community through such community service events as a Food Bank drive or supporting your local Dress for Success. It feels GOOD!

Be with your people! – By attending local chapter events, you get out of your office and you get to be with people who share your passion for HR.

You are the symbol – Your involvement shows your commitment to HR and, through your involvement in a local chapter, you have an opportunity to promote the profession. You ARE HR and people appreciate your expertise because of your affiliation with SHRM and your local SHRM-affiliated chapter.

You are not the” loneliest number”- If you work solo in HR in your organization, you can are definitely “one” that could be the loneliest number. You’d not alone when you have so many other local professionals that know what you’re going through, have gone through it themselves, or will be going through it. Your local chapter can become your family!

Career connections - Not only do the educational offerings help you advance as a professional, but you learn about career opportunities, job openings, and potential future connections to advance your career. No one knows better what is happening in the HR community with openings and opportunities than the members of the local SHRM chapter.

Leadership skills development - Taking on a volunteer leadership role in a local chapter is just one of the ways you can develop your skills. As one member said, “Taking on a leadership role within my chapter displayed my work ethic and willingness to get involved, which in turn, gave me much more opportunity.”

HR information is easily attained - The information that a local chapter can obtain would be much more expensive or hard to come by on your own.

Mentoring Opportunities - Especially if you are a student member, or new to the profession, you know that you may never get in the room with someone at the top of your field, for a very long time. But your local chapter has the ability to pare you with someone much more experienced.

Scholarships - If you’re a student member, you may have the opportunity to be eligible for scholarships to aid in your study of HR.

Access to membership directories- Many chapters maintain directories, in which members' businesses are listed. This can help you to increase your network and your exposure to new connections.

Potential cost savings- Many chapters allow members access to special rates on products and services (such as a local salary survey), saving you money.

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