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SHRM Launches the "Getting Talent Back to Work Initiative" for Job Seekers with a Criminal Record

Each year in the United States, nearly 700,000 men and women are released from prison and re-enter society, where many want to find jobs. SHRM has put together a tool-kit to help employers get these ex-offenders back to work and provide a second chance for them and their families. SISHRM signed the Pledge to support this initiative. Click the link below if you would like the tool-kit that SHRM developed with resources that will help you provide felons a second chance.

SHRM's Second Chance Tool-kit and Resources

Resources to Navigate the Aging Workforce

Please use the link below to access some valuable resources provided by the SHRM Foundation and partners like AARP to help you discover more about the value older workers bring to the table and how to build a more inclusive workforce. You'll also find ways to leverage mature talent in your organization and leveraging the value of an age-diverse workforce.

The Aging Workforce